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Women of the Church

The “Women of Christ Church” is an active organization and is involved in most activities at Christ Church.  We are a very diverse group of women who know how to make every activity fun, whether we are working on the church grounds or participating in community outreach.


Some of the activities that we enjoy include: decorating our church for Christmas and Easter and for weddings; sponsoring and cooking the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper; organizing and preparing a Seder service and meal; preparing and serving food for our vacation bible school children; providing food for those who are ill or recovering from surgery; honoring our high school graduates by presenting a prayer book or bible upon graduation; organizing receptions for special events or visitors;  and yes, we do know how to prepare great Southern cooking and we love to eat it!


The fellowship we share is important to us no matter what we do.  Once a year we plan a retreat week-end to enjoy each other’s company and to worship together.  We often go to the beach and culminate our week-end with a morning worship service.  We value our time together.

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