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Our Companion Relationship with Cristo Rey, Cuba

Christ Church has a supportive relationship with a small companion church in rural Cuba. The

church, Cristo Rey, is located in an agricultural community, Cuatro Esquinas. Many of the farmers

lease land from the government.


Our church recently visited Cristo Rey, along with other missionaries from St. Paul's Episcopal in

Tallahassee. In 2013, we installed a water purification system behind Cristo Rey that provides

free, clean drinking water to the residents of Cuatro Esqinas. This technology is part of a ministry

by Living Waters for the World (LLW). One of our church members received training from LLW

in order to install the system properly and teach the residents how to use the clean water to best



In 2015, another group from our church spent time in Cuatro Esquinas. New filters and other

equipment were taken to the operators of the water system and it was inspected. Members helped

install another LLW water system in a nearby community.


Christ Church is committed to supervising the maintenance of the water system. We make annual

contributions to the church. Some of our young people have visited the village and plan another

trip this summer. They will help with projects around the village.

Cuban Water Project
Cuban Water Project
Cuban Water Project
Cuban Water Project
Cuban Water Project
Cuban Water Project
Wrestling the second tank into place
Unloading lids at Cuatro Esquinas
Site for the water treatment system in Zorrilla
More than one way to skin a cat
Many hands guide the tank around the church of Cristo Rey
Fr. Carlos with the cisterns-ready for water!!!
Fittings are modified on the fly
Fitting installation - Fr. Carlos has an inside job
Cisterns in place in Zorrilla
Carlita limbers up for the transfer of the final cistern
Carlita has signed on as part of the work force
Bracing against the payload in Zorrilla
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